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Is video marketing necessary for lawyers?

video marketing is gaining popularity constantly, and yes, it is already becoming popular also in the legal industry, and more specifically in the legal marketing.

At least in the United States and England, normally the countries that lead all the trends, lawyers are using a lot of video marketing tools for their businesses, small or large.

The question is: would video marketing be useful for lawyers in Spain?

Although the legal profession is considered “conservative” in terms of marketing, it is not really so, and lawyers have always used all the mechanisms and techniques to obtain clients.

Even, we could say that lawyers are fashionable thanks to series like “Better Call Saul” or “The Good Wife”. And they have given a new look to an industry that seemed “outdated”.

To know if it is convenient to add the video to your marketing strategy, I have looked for statistics and trends in the sector, to solve these doubts:

It is important to solve these questions: we can not conclude if it is a good thing to add the video in our strategy because we must consider something very important, and that you, as a lawyer, know much better than me: time is valuable and you have to invest it in something that work.

What is the performance of video marketing?

I will explain with simple statistics the performance that the video has within the marketing in the last five years, even before Facebook realized and added the option to share live on all its platforms. Remember that we have YouTube for at least ten years.

Revenue capture and visits with video is much higher

The first thing we must do is analyze how companies, regardless of their industry, use video marketing in their sales or customer acquisition strategies. It is interesting to know, and to show you that it is not a new trend, the results are from a study conducted in 2014, which studies the two previous years. The current numbers are very similar.

Let’s see:

The ‘landing page’ with video convinces 80% more

The landing page are those pages where all distractions, such as buttons, articles, etc. are removed and only the essential content is left to motivate the action of your visitor: a subscription, a sale, the download of an ebook, etc.

The objective is that: that the visitor makes the desired action, that is, that it converts.

The companies that added the information in video format, instead of text, convinced 80% more than those who chose text.

This metric is key because if we talk about sales pages, it means that out of every 10 visits, you can have 8 sales. An impressive fact.

You can see the full study on the Vidyard blog .

82% of Internet traffic in 2020 will be in video format

How many videos do you think are currently consumed per day? It is estimated that 1,000 million hours a day are reproduced , only on YouTube. Play times on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Vimeo, and even hours on pornography have not been counted.

And the numbers have been growing year after year. And Cisco, a leading global technology company, estimates that this will grow, so that of 100 pages visited in 2020, 82 will be videos .

Basically, very soon, if you do not have video, you will not exist.

People prefer to watch a video to read a text

In the study of Vidyard that I mentioned before, there is another fact that we should have a lot of respect: people prefer not to read.

The number of people who prefer to watch a video about a product or service, to read it, has grown by 400% in the last three years.

If you sell, it means that there is much more reluctance to read you now, than years ago, and that a video counteracts this problem.

Videos are key when deciding on online purchases

Until a few years ago, videos were not a key factor for online shoppers. That is, today people take more into account a video about a product or service, than text, or simply, if they do not have it. Many pages no longer add the famous testimonials in text format, but in video.

Video marketing: pillar of large companies

Do you need more evidence to know that video marketing is important even if you are a lawyer?

Months ago, Mark Zuckerberg , founder and director of Facebook, the largest social network in the world, said that all of Facebook’s efforts would focus on the video: live transmission, editing, storage and mechanisms so that it arrives on a preferential basis. to publications without text.

Instagram, a company owned by Facebook, like WhatsApp, have prioritized the upload and transmission of content in video format over any other.

Google, without much fuss, does the same: it has created special search formats for video.

Introduce the marketing video for lawyers to your strategy

The unequivocal conclusion is that you must include videos to your marketing strategies, not only for the present, but because the future of marketing is in the video.

The best thing you can do right now is to create your YouTube or Vimeo channel then buy YouTube Views, and even with your mobile, start recording a welcome video to your page, be it personal or the office, to present your services and another to talk of your achievements as a lawyer.

It establishes, next, an agenda of contents, to publish videos. It can be weekly, biweekly or monthly, but first of all record.

This will help you to plan the theme of each video.

An excellent example in our country is the page, which although they are not a law firm, they do provide legal advice on immigration matters.

Their videos are explanations of the most common processes for this group: renew the NIE, request it for the first time, the possible problems, what to do if the concession is rejected, how to deal with expulsion orders, etc.

This is an example of one of your videos.