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The latent danger of false treatments and copyright pills to lose weight

As every year, men and women try to rush the natural times? to shape their bodies, lose weight and look better physically. The trouble is bad advice when trying: in just a couple of weeks everyone wants to look beautiful and slender, but times do not give.

In the frame of that hurry, is where the treatments ?? that promise to shorten the times and act real wonders in our organisms. There is everything: diets, pills, creams, auriculotherapy and products ??? miracle ??. All of them, promise to transform our plump bodies into works similar to the sculptures of Michelangelo in just a matter of weeks.

However, most of these treatments do not work: they are just a “bounty hunter”? to catch desperate dupes. In many cases, they are naive people who fall into the trap only because they see that there are doctors behind many of these treatments, endorsing them. However, this is not a guarantee that they are effective, but “very profitable”.

A necessary question: Who can guarantee that a treatment is efficient and effective? For now, the scientific method, which seeks answers through exhaustive testing, passing various phases of experimentation.

Needless to mention that the methods that will be described in this article, have never gone through even the basic steps of the methodology of science.

The treatments ?? fat solvents?

One of the organisms that usually check ?? officially ?? What methods can be viable when improving physical performance is the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the North American body that regulates food and medicine in the United States. and that approves or warns about public health fraud.

By case, few know that the FDA has made timely observations about the treatments used to perform lipodysolution ?? dissolution of body fat ??, adding that they are completely useless.

“The procedures, known by names such as lipo-solvent, mesotherapy, lipotherapy or lipolysis by injection, involve the transfusion of unproven drugs,” Dr. Janet Woodcock, director of the FDA’s Center for Drug Research and Evaluation, said in a timely manner. through a hard statement.

The reality indicates that the so-called treatments? Fat solvents? they show zero effectiveness? and, according to the aforementioned body, those who sell them should stop lying about their operation ??

Pills that are not harmless

The doctor told me that he worked with homeopathic recipes and that along with the diet he was going to give me some pills with yuyitos to control the anxiety. All natural, he repeated to me. In one week I lost three kilos and a half, but I started to feel bad: I woke up with the pressure on the floor and could not raise it. I sent them to analyze the pills and I discovered that they had amphetamines, “said Silvina Mas in front of the press requisition. It is not about anyone, but a physical education professional and former player of the Argentine national team of field hockey.

Her experience was traumatic, since the treatment to lose weight not only affected her health, but also kept her away from sports for half a year. It is that, due to the presence of amphetamines, an anti-doping control test was positive and sanctioned.

Silvina is not the only case, but one of the thousands of people swindled in offices disguised as “naturalists”? that, without the patients’ knowledge, treat obesity and other ailments with dangerous cocktails that include amphetamines. In general, they act in connivance with pharmacies and bill millions.

The pills that are prescribed have amphetamines or some of their derivatives, sedatives to counteract their exciting effect, and diuretics, whereby the patient eliminates large amounts of fluid in a short time and loses weight quickly, but not body mass ?? detailed timely, Susana Gutt, head of Nutrition of the Italian Hospital to the newspaper Página / 12.

Amphetamines or their derivatives act on the central nervous system by inhibiting the appetite and increasing the caloric expenditure. The effect seems magical. Patients are not hungry and also burn more calories without doing physical exercises. But these substances are not innocuous. ?? They produce irritability, insomnia, excitement and also act on the cardiovascular system, generating palpitations and tachycardia. Therefore, they should only be used under strict medical supervision, by very studious professionals, in patients with a very large overweight, warns Jorge Braguinsky, director of the Graduate Course in Clinical Nutrition at Favaloro University.

Diets and yo-yo effect

The word diet comes from the Greek ?? Dayta ?? and means ?? lifestyle? It is the set of food that the human being consumes in a certain period of time. A diet can be considered balanced when the variety and quantity of the food that compose it allow a good functioning of the organism, protecting the health. In the opposite direction, a bad diet is one that lacks richness and variation in food.

Nowadays, the word diet is associated with a kind of mechanism to achieve control, particularly, Pastillas para Bajar de Peso Rapido. There are all kinds: dissociated, grapefruit, fat burner, liquid, gelatin, moon, etc. None of them is effective, since by causing rapid weight loss, they reduce fat and water, but also muscle mass. Therefore, when the diet is left aside, the lost weight is quickly recovered, also quickly, but now in the form of fat. It is what is known as the “yo-yo effect”.

Actually, to lose weight you have to modify lifestyles, replacing them gradually and permanently with a balanced and healthy diet, accompanied by regular physical exercise. Always under permanent medical supervision, to know if the body is being over-demanded in any way.

One thing to keep in mind is that obesity is a chronic disease without effective treatment: it can be controlled, but it can not be cured.