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Lawyer: Longueira fishery law unusually favors industrialists

Marcelo Drago said that the current head of Economy reversed policies arranged by his predecessor, Juan Andres Fontaine.

The industry is allocated quotas “perpetually,” he said.

The lawyer Marcelo Drago accused the project of the new Fisheries Act which the Government sent to Congress benefits from “unusual” to large industrial, fashion and said that if it is approvedleave in the hands of large fishing 95 percent The resources of species such as horse mackerel, hake, common hake and others.

According to Drago, the former Minister of Economy, “(Juan Andres) Fontaine had apparently contemplated including quotas that were going to be tendered very important, and that was set aside, went completely back with Longueira and favored the big industrialists and The large groups that already had the fishing quotas. ”

In addition, ” there was apparently a promise to recognize these rights and perpetually, that is, an unusual thing, which is unparalleled in the Chilean legal system , and I think internationally”, either.


The artisanal sectors affirm that the initiative can lead them “to disappear”. (Photo: UPI)

Faced with this issue, the director of the NGO Oceana, Alex Muñoz , said that during the last decades the industry has acted too freely, which has affected the sustainability of marine resources. However, he considered that in the new law the Government has committed to limit trawling.

“We have proposed a major limitation to trawling in vulnerable ecosystems, especially by closing down the seamounts in Chile, which are 118, and are sectors full of marine life that are unfortunately being destroyed by trawling, Especially in the Juan Fernández sector. Fortunately, the Government has welcomed these two points, “Muñoz said.

As “have been incorporated in the approaches of the Government that has sent to the Congress, we hope that by the end of the year we will have a system of scientific fishing quotas, and also this restriction to trawling,” said the director of Oceana .

Fear of artisans The law in question motivated during the past day protests of artisanal fishermen in both Constitution , Region of Maule, and in Aysén .

Honorino Angulo , executive director of the National Commission for the Defense of Artisanal Fisheries Patrimony, leader of Aysén and one of those who was on the list of the defendants by the State Interior Security Law, said that the sector throughout the country remains in Alert and mobilizations could be repeated soon.

With the new law “we would be disappearing from the map , as they say, because there are fisheries that we were requesting and today it happened to 100 percent for industrialists and they left us no opportunity to request it.”

“The first thing the government has to do is get the law out of Congress so that it can work region by region , each region has its indications, its difficulties and its fisheries and its geographical problems,” he said.

“It can not be a national law, it has to be a regional law, made by each region, because we have many things in which the law does not favor us, on the contrary, it harms us,” he explained. Read more about the best baitcaster under 100.