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10 beauty tips worth copying from the Japanese

We discover the new beauty trends that cause fury in Tokyo, the city of the future.

A couple of months traveled to Tokyo, Shiseido’s hand, and I could see in situ do what he had heard many times: that the Japanese skin is very white, clean and bright . It is true that in their favor are allied factors such as genetics (have a higher rate of collagen in the skin), wet climate in which they live or food, low in fat and high in protein. They also gesticulate less than we do. But if one day you go to one of the fascinating Japanese perfumeries, you will notice that the real secret of the Japanese woman is her passion for cosmetics (average invests 136 euros per year, the highest per capita spending worldwide).

From Asia I brought these ten findings (some with zero cost):

1. Use balancing instead of tonic

The Japanese begin their cleaning ritual with a make-up milk or a formula with oils to remove the remains of makeup (lipstick, pilaten mask, base, etc.). Then wipe the face with soap or cleansing foam. Our third step would be to apply a toner. They, on the other hand, extend a balancing lotion, a wonderful dense texture, which they consider the first step of the treatment. It makes the treatment that is applied after it penetrates in depth. If you have time, you may also apply a oshibori , or hot washcloth over the face, also to encourage better absorption of the cream back.

2. The stains do have a solution

The ideal skin of Japanese women, as old as they are, is white, pure and clear. Asian skin has a great tendency to be stained by an alteration of melanin. In Isetan, the most important shopping center in Tokyo, no matter how hard you try, you will not find sunspots. In contrast, bleaching products can be counted by hundreds. The sun that they shun by means of SPF 50 protector every-day-of-the-year or even with parasols, to the Westerners we “cost” irregular tone and wrinkles. Shiseido , Japan ‘s No. 1 cosmetics company, invented in 1917 the first illuminator market – based hydrogen peroxide. They know what they are talking about. Their new product is despigmentante Intensive Anti Spot Serum and it really works.

3. Recharge your energy in a power spot

Tokyo has thirteen million inhabitants. By 2025, in Asia there will be more than 220 cities with more than one million people. Influential Japanese blogger Sayuri Lovelock told me that “Japanese young people in big cities need to live more experiences to feel happy and fight against urban stress.” The new trend is to go after work or over the weekend to what they consider energy points. Running around the Imperial Palace or visiting the Kiyomasa spring at the Meiji Temple, makes them feel good, recharge their batteries, and that translates into outward beauty. You should go more often to the Retreat or Temple of Debod!

4. They take the 3D eyes

The incredible makeup members Miji , the group of K-Pop (Korean pop that has become a global phenomenon), inspires us. ” The Asians are experts in enlarged eyes. In Japan, passed the fashion of false eyelashes, now it is cool to apply iris illuminator around the eyes. There are also transparent adhesives to give the feeling of bags under the eyes of Westerners. And there are even lenses for the iris look bigger, as in manga comics , “says Kurara Takashima, another influential blogger. Conclusion: The smoking of parades like Lanvin shows that the smoky anti-mask goes around the world.

5. Are you between 25 and 35 years old? Ibuki is your treatment

This find I want to tell you about my trip to Asia is, perhaps, the most important. Shiseido has launched Ibuki , a super effective line with a proven technology with a prize IFSC , considered the Nobel of cosmetics. Its seven products strengthen the skin against the effects of the sun, dryness, pollution and daily stress. How? Making the stratum corneum of the skin have an optimal cellular functioning. From the first day the granites, the pores, the rednesses and the luminosity of the skin improve. Keep this fact: 96 percent of women who have tested it claim to have better skin than ever before.

Line Ibuki consists of seven products: 2 cleansing foams (as have the normal or prone to fat, skin € 37.50); balanced concentrated Softening Concentrate (much more than a tonic, 29 €); Eye Contour Eye Correcting Cream (49,50 €), 2 moisturizing lotions multifunction ( Refining Moisturizer and Refining Moisturizer Enriched , 56 € each) and sunscreen Protective Moisturizer SPF 15 (56 €). Available at El Corte Inglés and perfumeries.

6. Take a Green Smoothie every morning

The organic food in Japan is furthest up. If you go to Tokyo it is worth going to the restaurant Roppongi. In this vegetarian I wrote down the recipe given me by Yuichi Nukada, a very cool Japanese, about the green juice that is prepared every morning: in a blender add half a bunch of green spinach, a little parsley, a banana, a green kiwi and a Apple or orange. Ideally, all fruits and vegetables are organic. Then add 350 ml of water. You will have a powerful extra antioxidant.

7. Mask in the bathtub

The Japanese work 10 to 12 hours a day. Yet 88 percent of them spend twenty to thirty minutes on their beauty care every night. Among its favorite products are the masks that provide an extra nutrition to the skin. You find them in cream, although the most common are the ones that are impregnated with product. They exist for the whole face, but also for the time contour area or the nasogenian groove. The current trend is to apply it while preparing a foam bath. In the bathtub they let her act and remove her. On the other hand, carbonic acid masks having an effervescent effect cause furor.

8. The digital permanent

Through the streets of Omotesando, the upscale shopping district, you stroll through spectacular Japanese. I was especially struck by the natural, elastic and defined waves of some of them. Then I learned that in Tokyo, the city where everything happens before, there is the digital permanent, which is done in hairdressers. It consists of creating open waves from a machine capable of charging rollers with electricity. These are applied on hair previously impregnated in product, from means to tips. The process takes two and a half hours, the result lasts two to three months and costs around 60 euros. Other technological beauty gagdets that are best sellers: electric facial brushes and massagers.

9 Drink collagen and you will be a Bimajo

Japanese women aged 35 and older who appear less aged for their “magical” care, are called Bimajo (name that comes from “beautiful witch”). Margaret Desgaines, an American working at Shiseido, reveals me one of his secrets: ” It is very fashionable drink collagen, a natural substance in the body decreases with age. In addition, it is very much in line with the Japanese philosophy that beauty comes from within “. Collagen bottles do not alter the taste of food or beverages, making them very easy to consume. It is recommended to ingest six grams per day. The Collagen Collagen Powder Active High Beauty , Shiseido, contains 5,000 mg of molecular fish collagen. It also includes yuzu seed, hyaluronic acid, vitamin C and ceramides. Currently there is sold in Spain, but a matter of time …

10. Check your questions online

Japan is undoubtedly the country of new technologies. There they are back, digitally speaking. An example? Cosme , an online beauty shop, whose success was such that it has opened shop in Tokyo. From online to offline, and not the other way around as it is currently happening in Europe. Moreover, on the web you can find such interesting services like Watashi + of Shiseido . Not only offers a virtual skin analysis (also available on our websites), you also have fun applications like a makeup simulator or a live chat with a virtual advisor you see and that responds in real time all your doubts.