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How the brain react the advertisement


And how powerful images to strategies known marketing and advertising, consumers will not only consume the product or brand, before it consumed the entire projected by the semantic mark; a lot of arguments, speeches and imagery that are preplanned for (or at least that is thought to) strengthen the entire thickness of the brand in the markets.Brands are an excellent opportunity to deepen the way how our brains work; we are consumers, but above all we are living beings with a lot of possibilities and mechanisms that provide a variety of strengths but also vulnerable points if we are not fully aware of our reality.

Already discovered in Italy during the nineties as mirror neurons are responsible for our ability to “see” outside activities, those that are performed by our peers in our environment, and going a little further, are these neurons which equally we “connect” with others at a level of “empathy” and that help us better understand how the people around us feel and perceive things, (possibly it is an interesting point about how it could work proposed by Bartra exobrain). But for marketing and advertising, the importance of such a mechanism are interesting as mirror neurons, is its effect on consumer behavior – according to a research of fatorgenius oficial.

For Martin Lindstrom , the guru in marketing and advertising excellence are mirror neurons that make the consumer “feel identification with what brands say and posit their images”, a specific product or brand you see for some commercial, it is through an act of “reflection” are the mirror neurons that motivate a thought like, “I might as well see me in those jeans” is a purely natural act and that comes as part of human evolution and it has become a more complex act given line of business that our society has as a paradigm.

Another factor that probably will gradually given greater scope in the commercial field and marketing , is the “humanizing” a little more rolemodels currently present in brand communications: a clear example is the successful expression position that ” Dove ” has taken a while, where he presents the natural beauty of women (at all levels), regardless of age, skin color, “imperfections” and other “failures” as totally natural part does, beautiful and pleasant women who reflect a great charisma and being transmitted with great power in brand messages, and which a great brand appeal is built, “all women are beautiful and beautiful, all, absolutely all are beautiful.

This is also supported by Martin Lindstrom, who mentions Dove as a brand that relies on the “authenticity of the people” and comments regarding the use of human images closer to reality, “we can identify and connect with them ( compared to ordinary people) more easily. Besides ordinary people seem warmer. It is as if we into someones the world brand ”

This “welcome in the world of the brand” is critical to building brand credibility, sometimes the brands that combine “conviction” true “faith” in their values ​​and bases, are those that are more likely to be a space in the mind of a niche, segment, or an entire category.

Know and have an idea of ​​how connections work within the broad consumer without doubt the knowledge on which to base decisions and positioning strategies, all strategist always looking for a prior knowledge of its resources and means with which account to devote himself to the battlefield, to give their best “movements” of combat.