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Guide to creating advertisements on Instagram

Finally it was time to share my impressions about advertising on Instagram. I decided to create a guide with all the steps that you must perform to create ads on Instagram. Many of you will have access and not even know it, this is because it is not so “easy” is a bit hidden. Through this guide I will share how to enable advertising on Instagram, writing ads, some best practices and finally my personal impressions on ad campaigns Instagram.

Guide to create ads in Instagram

1. Set up your accounts to gain access to advertising on Instagram

To place ads on Instagram first thing you need to do is connect your Instagram account to your Facebook fan page. For this step, do the following:

connect your instagram page on facebook

instagram link account ads

2. Make sure you have access to Instagram Ads through the Power Editor

The second and most important step is to verify if you have Instagram advertising on. For this verification performs the following steps:

advertising instagram

click to webiste

instagram location

With these steps, you can check if you have your list has to create ads. If you do not get I recommend several things:

3. How to create ads on Instagram (step by step)

Instagram to create ads you have to use the Power Editor as I showed above. Ad campaigns for Facebook and Instagram in the Power Editor are created as follows:

power instagram editor advertising placement

instagram ads as

Best Practices for results Instagram

Now I would like to share you some tips for your ads on Instagram.


To end with the recommendations, I remind you that the best time for testing, advertising is still very cheap and not all brands are taking advantage of this new advertising method. Dedicate yourself to create different campaigns with different ads to find out what your audience needs and wants in Instagram.

My first impressions of Instagram Ads

To conclude this guide (which I intend to continue to update in the future), I want to share my first impressions.

1. It is very cheap, clicking on website

I tried several campaigns and have been talking to several friends and we all paid as little as 0.01 or 0.02 per click website. This is very cheap compared to other platforms, including Facebook itself.

2. Good Win Instagram Followers.

Although the campaigns are to bring traffic to a website, downloads or get views on videos, you will get a following if your ad is well segmented.

3. Prepare for SPAM

There are many users who will write you who feel invaded, your account is private and you’ve cast. Others will tell you they do not want to see ads. It’s actually a claim to Instagram, but I leave it in your comments and this could affect you if you invest a lot of money or expensive to influence others.

4. The rate of engagement Lovely

People tend to give “like” easier than on Facebook. I guess being such a visual network, it is easier for the user.This I have seen sales campaigns, I guess in promos and branding campaigns will be even better.


I hope you have been helpful my guide on Instagram, I will be updating to help more. If you have questions, you can leave me a comment and I’ll be happy to talk.  Thanks Carlos, for talks on the subject, you can see the post super prepared by the well.


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