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Ray Beckerman is a New York City-based attorney active in representing defendants in the RIAA's lawsuit campaign against consumers. He is a partner with Vandenberg & Feliu, LLP, and a member of the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Most of the litigation documents published here are available to the public online at Internet Law and Regulation, a publication of legal publishers Pike & Fischer.

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What is a Digital Cinema Package (DCP)?

History of Digital Cinema in Cinema Rooms.

In relation to the analog cinema, the digital cinema is something recent, specifically near the year 2000 began to see the first digital projectors, which had a resolution of 1280 × 1024 pixels and at that time did not exist as such the format DCP. It used a server where the movie was stored, which came in several DVD-ROMs. In the US the first digital projection was “Star Wars Episode I” in just two rooms as an experiment to see if the public accepted the new format, which was so. In Spain the film “Fantasy 2000” inaugurated the first digital projections.

Between 2001 and 2005, the year in which the first DCP officially appears and the DCI consortium is formed, there are innovations in the systems of projection, storage, management, etc … defining the format to be used around the world.

In Spain it would still take time to start, not being until 2005 when the first digital rooms begin to emerge timidly. We are always talking about 2D projections, the 3D would be later, and would be the great driver of the digitalization of the rooms.

In 2007 in Spain the first digital stereoscopic projection was made, which was Beowulf. The tremendous success made other exhibitors decide to bet on digital technology and above all because of the attractiveness of 3D, and began digitizing the rooms at a really incredible rate.

We are currently on the upward curve and until at least 2013 will not be covered (in the US) 50% of digital rooms of the total. The tendency is then to go down because the main exhibit chains will be the ones that make the change faster, whereas the small cinemas will still take time to digitize, due to the costs of the process, which will decrease in time.

What is PDD? Parents of the DCP.

The DCP, which stands for “Digital Cinema Package” is, to understand, a digital version of a 35mm film.

The advantages of this format are many. The first is the physical size. Being a digital medium, a DCP fits on a hard drive and is easily transportable. A small 16GB pendrive can hold a short film, trailers, spots … nothing to do with heavy, delicate and cumbersome reels …

Then there would be the price. The whole process is digital, and eliminates many costs and problems associated with “transfer” to 35mm. Which does not mean that it is simpler, obviously. And of course there are new problems to deal with.

But, who is behind this format? There are two key agencies in this whole business. On one side is DCI , which stands for Digital Cinema Initiatives . Founded in 2002 with support from Disney, Fox, Paramount, Sony Pictures, Universal and Warner. That is, practically all the great ones. They came together to create specifications that were open to everyone so that everyone could agree. These standards were called DCI and all digital servers would have to meet them so that the contents could be reproduced without problems. DCP This format is also called ” Interop ” and was officially born in 2005.

On the other hand, it is the SMPTE (Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers), which extends the DCI standard, although all must be compatible projectors DCI, conduct die besten Beamer im Test thesome already support the new formats that support SMPTE

In fact, the format SMPTE will be the one that is used mainly, because it has support of 25 and 30 frames per second. Remember that from the beginning, the film has ALWAYS gone to 24 images per second, something that will change radically soon, when the Hobbit is released at 48 FPS, and later Avatar 2 at 60 FPS. These two new frequencies are called box HFR (high frame rate).

DCP playback formats (video and audio).

In what is image, we have three formats both 2K and 4K, called ” Flat “, ” Full ” and ” Scope “. Each of them have slightly different resolutions.

Flat ” is the most similar to FullHD, having a resolution of 1998 x 1080 pixels, and correspond to 1: 85: 1 35mm

Full ” is the highest resolution format, 2048 × 1080. It is a little wider than “Flat”. It does not have an extended use.

Scope ” It is the widescreen, 2048 × 858 pixels are and correspond to 2:35 35mm, although it is still narrower 2:39

The resolutions in the case of 4K are simply DOUBLE than those of 2K.

On the audio, it must be said that it has the highest possible quality. It goes to 48Khz and 24bit without any compression. The mix can be either 5.1 or 7.1 although the system is set up for 23.1 channels.

The DCP inside.
Although it really is a conglomerate of letters and numbers that seems to not give too much information, the truth is that behind this mishmash of information lies the information:

The two files with the extension “MXF” are the ones the projector will use to play the DCP. One contains the image and another contains the sound. The rest of the files are information about the DCP that the server needs to be able to reproduce them, in addition to saying who has made the DCP, etc.

Comparatively it is like a video file any of your computer, only that it serves only and exclusively to be reproduced in servers of digital cinema.

A DCP occupies a ratio of about 1 Gigabyte per Minute. Thus, a 90 Minutes movie will occupy approximately 100GBs. Since the compression system, based on JPEG2000 and XYZ color coding at 12 bits per component is extremely efficient, the visual result is identical to the original master.

There are two types of DCP currently, both supported: INTEROP and SMPTE .

Interop is the older format and is the most consistent of the two, as all servers must stand DCI.

SMPTE is the most modern format, which will gradually settling on all servers.

The differences between the two are the subtitling system, incompatible with each other but improved in the case of SMPTE, and in the case of SMPTE is extended to 25FPS and 30FPS playback options in addition to HFR modes. This makes it necessary to avoid touching the audio (which we will see below) to be able to go to 24FPS.

Currently, ALL commercial films come in Interop at 24FPS.

A DCP can be copied and viewed on any movie server. This is good for a trailer, ads, promos or viewing of controlled material. However when it comes to something more sensitive like a movie, you need something more.

This is where KDMs, short for “Key Delivery Message” or more commonly, the protection and control system of DCPs.

KDMs use a triple control system:

The first one applies when creating the JPEG2000 files, as we have seen before. This prevents unauthorized persons from playing the DCP on a device that is not suitable. It is possible to clone or copy it, but I could not reproduce it, because I do not have the KDM that allows me to.

The second of these is the playback control by time. This means that the DCP can only be reproduced for a certain time, as a “rental” method. Once the time has passed, the movie can not be played back until a new KDM is requested.

The third of them limits the server where it can be played. For example, the owner of cinemas can rent a copy of a movie, and thanks to the picaresque, could have the idea of ​​copying the movie in two rooms to get more profitability. Well, the serial number protection of the server makes it not playable. Thus, KDMs offer triple protection and serve as a control mechanism.

One of the peculiarities of KDM is that they NEVER come with the movie disc. The delivery path is ALWAYS different, and is usually by email or on a pendrive we receive separately.

Said KDM gets into the server through a pendrive, which causes the movie to be unlocked and allowed to play.

Storage Systems

DCPs typically come in two different types of storage, which are targeted at different types of durations.

The ads, the trailers and the shorts less than 10 minutes of duration, usually come in Pendrives, because they occupy little space.

On the other hand, short films that last 10 minutes, documentaries, movies … usually come in hard disks, which can be 2.5 “self-feeding, or 3.5 with its protective housing.

The action of copying the contents of the pendrive or hard disk is called “Ingestar”, which is nothing more than an automatic file copy that occurs as soon as the device is inserted through the USB port of the server. There is not much more to do in that regard.

DCI Servers (brands, features).

The DCI servers are responsible for managing the DCPs, creating playlists, and of course, sending the information to the projector. Practically all have a similar operation, allowing to ingest DCPs via USB and eSATA. They are mostly based on Linux, although some of them run under Windows.

There are mainly four brands of servers, each with its own graphical interface, but all of them compatible with the DCI standard, which are, Qube, Doremi, Dolby and GDC.

Recently, the RED company has announced its own server, called RedRay, that in addition to being able to accept DCP, uses its own format, which they say the bitrate lowers still maintaining the original quality. It promises to give a good blow to an industry where prices are not exactly economic.

2D and 3D projection.

And we come to the end, to what is the projection itself. Both the server that manages the data and the projector, they are usually of different brands, but they have to “speak” the same language, because if the server says “open shovel”, the projector should understand it and “open shovel”.

In the 2D projection there is not much to tell, because it is a projection similar to that of a 35 mm projector, only being digital, it is more perfect, sharper, without the usual problems that happen in 35mm.

Things change when it’s in 3D. For starters, the screen usually has a special material that reflects the light, because when you put the glasses the lightness low enough and although the lamps used in projection are powerful, it shows. That is why the lamp should be set to double the power to compensate for that lack of light.

Unfortunately, in many cases this is not done, either done but the room is too large for light power, giving a negative experience.

Then, depending on the cases, the projector uses a polarizing wheel that directs light from each frame to the corresponding eye, alternating and synchronizing everything so that we do not notice anything at all.

In the case of active systems, the glasses are synchronized with the electronic shutter of the projector, causing the image of each eye to be adjusted, covering the opposite eye, but they are also more expensive and therefore, its implementation is much smaller.


The next step in digital evolution has two ramifications. On the one hand, producing more and more content in 4K, thus obtaining an even sharper image.

On the other hand, the increase in frame rate. Since the beginning, the rate of 24FPS has been maintained, but when digital cinema enters, these limitations no longer exist, and movies can be seen at 48FPS and up to 60FPS

At the projection level, LASER projectors are already being developed and announced, in which the lack of light is not a problem because the concentration of the same exceeds any Xenon lamp. Likewise, the projected image far exceeds current projections, it is practically almost like seeing reality, given the latitude of the projected image.

In addition, because LASER light is already polarized, it is not necessary to polarize it using filters that remove light intensity, so that when viewing the projections with passive (polarized) glasses, they will be seen with the same intensity as without glasses, in addition Not to color the images.

10 beauty tips worth copying from the Japanese

We discover the new beauty trends that cause fury in Tokyo, the city of the future.

A couple of months traveled to Tokyo, Shiseido’s hand, and I could see in situ do what he had heard many times: that the Japanese skin is very white, clean and bright . It is true that in their favor are allied factors such as genetics (have a higher rate of collagen in the skin), wet climate in which they live or food, low in fat and high in protein. They also gesticulate less than we do. But if one day you go to one of the fascinating Japanese perfumeries, you will notice that the real secret of the Japanese woman is her passion for cosmetics (average invests 136 euros per year, the highest per capita spending worldwide).

From Asia I brought these ten findings (some with zero cost):

1. Use balancing instead of tonic

The Japanese begin their cleaning ritual with a make-up milk or a formula with oils to remove the remains of makeup (lipstick, pilaten mask, base, etc.). Then wipe the face with soap or cleansing foam. Our third step would be to apply a toner. They, on the other hand, extend a balancing lotion, a wonderful dense texture, which they consider the first step of the treatment. It makes the treatment that is applied after it penetrates in depth. If you have time, you may also apply a oshibori , or hot washcloth over the face, also to encourage better absorption of the cream back.

2. The stains do have a solution

The ideal skin of Japanese women, as old as they are, is white, pure and clear. Asian skin has a great tendency to be stained by an alteration of melanin. In Isetan, the most important shopping center in Tokyo, no matter how hard you try, you will not find sunspots. In contrast, bleaching products can be counted by hundreds. The sun that they shun by means of SPF 50 protector every-day-of-the-year or even with parasols, to the Westerners we “cost” irregular tone and wrinkles. Shiseido , Japan ‘s No. 1 cosmetics company, invented in 1917 the first illuminator market – based hydrogen peroxide. They know what they are talking about. Their new product is despigmentante Intensive Anti Spot Serum and it really works.

3. Recharge your energy in a power spot

Tokyo has thirteen million inhabitants. By 2025, in Asia there will be more than 220 cities with more than one million people. Influential Japanese blogger Sayuri Lovelock told me that “Japanese young people in big cities need to live more experiences to feel happy and fight against urban stress.” The new trend is to go after work or over the weekend to what they consider energy points. Running around the Imperial Palace or visiting the Kiyomasa spring at the Meiji Temple, makes them feel good, recharge their batteries, and that translates into outward beauty. You should go more often to the Retreat or Temple of Debod!

4. They take the 3D eyes

The incredible makeup members Miji , the group of K-Pop (Korean pop that has become a global phenomenon), inspires us. ” The Asians are experts in enlarged eyes. In Japan, passed the fashion of false eyelashes, now it is cool to apply iris illuminator around the eyes. There are also transparent adhesives to give the feeling of bags under the eyes of Westerners. And there are even lenses for the iris look bigger, as in manga comics , “says Kurara Takashima, another influential blogger. Conclusion: The smoking of parades like Lanvin shows that the smoky anti-mask goes around the world.

5. Are you between 25 and 35 years old? Ibuki is your treatment

This find I want to tell you about my trip to Asia is, perhaps, the most important. Shiseido has launched Ibuki , a super effective line with a proven technology with a prize IFSC , considered the Nobel of cosmetics. Its seven products strengthen the skin against the effects of the sun, dryness, pollution and daily stress. How? Making the stratum corneum of the skin have an optimal cellular functioning. From the first day the granites, the pores, the rednesses and the luminosity of the skin improve. Keep this fact: 96 percent of women who have tested it claim to have better skin than ever before.

Line Ibuki consists of seven products: 2 cleansing foams (as have the normal or prone to fat, skin € 37.50); balanced concentrated Softening Concentrate (much more than a tonic, 29 €); Eye Contour Eye Correcting Cream (49,50 €), 2 moisturizing lotions multifunction ( Refining Moisturizer and Refining Moisturizer Enriched , 56 € each) and sunscreen Protective Moisturizer SPF 15 (56 €). Available at El Corte Inglés and perfumeries.

6. Take a Green Smoothie every morning

The organic food in Japan is furthest up. If you go to Tokyo it is worth going to the restaurant Roppongi. In this vegetarian I wrote down the recipe given me by Yuichi Nukada, a very cool Japanese, about the green juice that is prepared every morning: in a blender add half a bunch of green spinach, a little parsley, a banana, a green kiwi and a Apple or orange. Ideally, all fruits and vegetables are organic. Then add 350 ml of water. You will have a powerful extra antioxidant.

7. Mask in the bathtub

The Japanese work 10 to 12 hours a day. Yet 88 percent of them spend twenty to thirty minutes on their beauty care every night. Among its favorite products are the masks that provide an extra nutrition to the skin. You find them in cream, although the most common are the ones that are impregnated with product. They exist for the whole face, but also for the time contour area or the nasogenian groove. The current trend is to apply it while preparing a foam bath. In the bathtub they let her act and remove her. On the other hand, carbonic acid masks having an effervescent effect cause furor.

8. The digital permanent

Through the streets of Omotesando, the upscale shopping district, you stroll through spectacular Japanese. I was especially struck by the natural, elastic and defined waves of some of them. Then I learned that in Tokyo, the city where everything happens before, there is the digital permanent, which is done in hairdressers. It consists of creating open waves from a machine capable of charging rollers with electricity. These are applied on hair previously impregnated in product, from means to tips. The process takes two and a half hours, the result lasts two to three months and costs around 60 euros. Other technological beauty gagdets that are best sellers: electric facial brushes and massagers.

9 Drink collagen and you will be a Bimajo

Japanese women aged 35 and older who appear less aged for their “magical” care, are called Bimajo (name that comes from “beautiful witch”). Margaret Desgaines, an American working at Shiseido, reveals me one of his secrets: ” It is very fashionable drink collagen, a natural substance in the body decreases with age. In addition, it is very much in line with the Japanese philosophy that beauty comes from within “. Collagen bottles do not alter the taste of food or beverages, making them very easy to consume. It is recommended to ingest six grams per day. The Collagen Collagen Powder Active High Beauty , Shiseido, contains 5,000 mg of molecular fish collagen. It also includes yuzu seed, hyaluronic acid, vitamin C and ceramides. Currently there is sold in Spain, but a matter of time …

10. Check your questions online

Japan is undoubtedly the country of new technologies. There they are back, digitally speaking. An example? Cosme , an online beauty shop, whose success was such that it has opened shop in Tokyo. From online to offline, and not the other way around as it is currently happening in Europe. Moreover, on the web you can find such interesting services like Watashi + of Shiseido . Not only offers a virtual skin analysis (also available on our websites), you also have fun applications like a makeup simulator or a live chat with a virtual advisor you see and that responds in real time all your doubts.

How to Start a Small Pressure Washer Business

Starting a small pressure washing business can be achieved with minimal investment in equipment and training, but the job requires physical and business skills. Running the pressure washer itself takes only a few minutes, but the skill required to safely and efficiently clean different surfaces can only be had through experience or professional training. In many states, you get a contractor license and demonstrate your educational experience and claims. Acquire training by working for a pressure wash company or by taking certification courses in continuing education or trade schools.

Create a plan for your pressure washer business. The plan does not have to look professional, but it should detail all aspects of your business of pressure washing. Includes equipment and utility lists, types of customers, pricing, startup and operation, and anticipated capital expenditures. Visit the website of the “US Small Business Administration” for business plan and free information for start-up.

Apply for a local business permit at the county clerk’s office, as well as state tax registration and hiring license at your state department’s revenue offices and business regulations if applicable.

Get corporate liability insurance. You will work on the property of the client and will be responsible for damages if accidents occur.

Purchase an appropriate vehicle, supplies and pressure washer equipment or use your own. A pressure washer and supplies equipment varies according to the Vancouver WA services it offers and can be found at hardware stores or house cleaning supplies. Whenever possible purchase locally to develop business relationships that can lead to customer referrals.

Purchase business cards, flyers, brochures, vehicles and portable signs from your local printing and sample manufacturer. These notices are distributed to potential customers and increase your visibility while working and driving around the city.


  • Consider specializing in a customer area at the beginning and branch out as your business grows. Areas of specialty include truck washing, commercial buildings, residences, shops, marinas, heavy machinery cleaning and others.
  • Be proactive with your marketing and advertising program, and keeps track of what works and what does not work for future reference. There will be times when you will have more work than you can handle and other times there will be no work at all. Consistent advertising and marketing programs eventually lead your business to acceptable levels of regular work.


  • Do not do pressure washing if you are not familiar with them. Pressure washers can permanently damage some materials if used improperly, and you will be responsible.
  • You should understand how to use all pressure washers and chemicals, and protective clothing at all times.Pressure washers and some chemicals can cause injury and illness if used improperly.

Application of the “Anti-Tobacco Law” in the workplace

With the recent approval of Law 42/2010 ( Law Antitabaco ) of 30 December which entered into force took place on  January 2, 2011 , several controversial changes introduced by it, which affect the scope of the workplace .

General and restricted ban on smoking in the workplace

First, in accordance with Article 7 a) of the Act prohibited smoking at public or private workplaces, except in outdoor spaces and head shops onlineWell, the first question that arises is what is meant by “space outdoors “in the context of the workplace, as this concept is only established referred to the field of hospitality, which is defined as ” any space uncovered or any space to be covered is surrounded laterally by a maximum of two walls , walls or walls. ” Consequently the first loophole in the law focuses on determining what is an” open space “in the field of workplace.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, in accordance with Article 7 s) of the Act left openthe possibility that the owner of a workplace smoking ban even in existing outdoor areas .

With the new law banning smoking in the workplace is full and restricted is not possible to ease its implementation by collective agreement.

Obligation to mark in the workplace smoking ban

In addition, the holder of a workplace has a duty to warn the entrance of the smoking ban , having signaled clearly and accurately through posters written in Castilian or in any of the official languages ​​existing in the respective Autonomous Community where the workplace in question is located.

Responsible, offenses and sanctions

On the persons responsible for committing violations, they may be both physical and legal . Generally will be responsible for payment of the fines the person who smoke in places where it is forbidden , except in some cases in which will also be responsible the owner of the establishment where it is produced .

Thus the holder of a workplace would be sanctioned with the following amounts:


Possible measures to be taken by companies

In view of the above, it is recommended, among others, the company adopted a series of measures that, given time, allow test the diligent performance of the company in compliance with the Act , such as:

Vegetable oil as a lawyer: Cosmetic

The lawyer is the fruit of avocado (Persea Gratissima), a tree of the family Lauraceae, native to Mexico and Guatemala. The paste has an oil content of between 5 and 30%. The oil is obtained by mechanical pressure.

Rich in vitamins, avocado oil is of interest to the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries, as well as soap.

Very thin, which penetrates the skin particularly well and is ideal for sensitive skin or small areas.

Softens, moisturizes, strengthens and protects the skin.

It is used in products for body care, face and hair. No rust virtually.


This sera que lift x funciona mesmo oil is ultra rich, is an especially dry natural treasure that contains high amounts of vitamin A, B1, B2, D and E. It also contains amino acids, sterols, lecithin, fatty acids and hair care and dull essentiels.Dans which works great.

Beautifying the hair, it adds shine and strength to cheveux.Réputée to stimulate hair growth

How the brain react the advertisement


And how powerful images to strategies known marketing and advertising, consumers will not only consume the product or brand, before it consumed the entire projected by the semantic mark; a lot of arguments, speeches and imagery that are preplanned for (or at least that is thought to) strengthen the entire thickness of the brand in the markets.Brands are an excellent opportunity to deepen the way how our brains work; we are consumers, but above all we are living beings with a lot of possibilities and mechanisms that provide a variety of strengths but also vulnerable points if we are not fully aware of our reality.

Already discovered in Italy during the nineties as mirror neurons are responsible for our ability to “see” outside activities, those that are performed by our peers in our environment, and going a little further, are these neurons which equally we “connect” with others at a level of “empathy” and that help us better understand how the people around us feel and perceive things, (possibly it is an interesting point about how it could work proposed by Bartra exobrain). But for marketing and advertising, the importance of such a mechanism are interesting as mirror neurons, is its effect on consumer behavior – according to a research of fatorgenius oficial.

For Martin Lindstrom , the guru in marketing and advertising excellence are mirror neurons that make the consumer “feel identification with what brands say and posit their images”, a specific product or brand you see for some commercial, it is through an act of “reflection” are the mirror neurons that motivate a thought like, “I might as well see me in those jeans” is a purely natural act and that comes as part of human evolution and it has become a more complex act given line of business that our society has as a paradigm.

Another factor that probably will gradually given greater scope in the commercial field and marketing , is the “humanizing” a little more rolemodels currently present in brand communications: a clear example is the successful expression position that ” Dove ” has taken a while, where he presents the natural beauty of women (at all levels), regardless of age, skin color, “imperfections” and other “failures” as totally natural part does, beautiful and pleasant women who reflect a great charisma and being transmitted with great power in brand messages, and which a great brand appeal is built, “all women are beautiful and beautiful, all, absolutely all are beautiful.

This is also supported by Martin Lindstrom, who mentions Dove as a brand that relies on the “authenticity of the people” and comments regarding the use of human images closer to reality, “we can identify and connect with them ( compared to ordinary people) more easily. Besides ordinary people seem warmer. It is as if we into someones the world brand ”

This “welcome in the world of the brand” is critical to building brand credibility, sometimes the brands that combine “conviction” true “faith” in their values ​​and bases, are those that are more likely to be a space in the mind of a niche, segment, or an entire category.

Know and have an idea of ​​how connections work within the broad consumer without doubt the knowledge on which to base decisions and positioning strategies, all strategist always looking for a prior knowledge of its resources and means with which account to devote himself to the battlefield, to give their best “movements” of combat.

Guide to creating advertisements on Instagram

Finally it was time to share my impressions about advertising on Instagram. I decided to create a guide with all the steps that you must perform to create ads on Instagram. Many of you will have access and not even know it, this is because it is not so “easy” is a bit hidden. Through this guide I will share how to enable advertising on Instagram, writing ads, some best practices and finally my personal impressions on ad campaigns Instagram.

Guide to create ads in Instagram

1. Set up your accounts to gain access to advertising on Instagram

To place ads on Instagram first thing you need to do is connect your Instagram account to your Facebook fan page. For this step, do the following:

connect your instagram page on facebook

instagram link account ads

2. Make sure you have access to Instagram Ads through the Power Editor

The second and most important step is to verify if you have Instagram advertising on. For this verification performs the following steps:

advertising instagram

click to webiste

instagram location

With these steps, you can check if you have your list has to create ads. If you do not get I recommend several things:

3. How to create ads on Instagram (step by step)

Instagram to create ads you have to use the Power Editor as I showed above. Ad campaigns for Facebook and Instagram in the Power Editor are created as follows:

power instagram editor advertising placement

instagram ads as

Best Practices for results Instagram

Now I would like to share you some tips for your ads on Instagram.


To end with the recommendations, I remind you that the best time for testing, advertising is still very cheap and not all brands are taking advantage of this new advertising method. Dedicate yourself to create different campaigns with different ads to find out what your audience needs and wants in Instagram.

My first impressions of Instagram Ads

To conclude this guide (which I intend to continue to update in the future), I want to share my first impressions.

1. It is very cheap, clicking on website

I tried several campaigns and have been talking to several friends and we all paid as little as 0.01 or 0.02 per click website. This is very cheap compared to other platforms, including Facebook itself.

2. Good Win Instagram Followers.

Although the campaigns are to bring traffic to a website, downloads or get views on videos, you will get a following if your ad is well segmented.

3. Prepare for SPAM

There are many users who will write you who feel invaded, your account is private and you’ve cast. Others will tell you they do not want to see ads. It’s actually a claim to Instagram, but I leave it in your comments and this could affect you if you invest a lot of money or expensive to influence others.

4. The rate of engagement Lovely

People tend to give “like” easier than on Facebook. I guess being such a visual network, it is easier for the user.This I have seen sales campaigns, I guess in promos and branding campaigns will be even better.


I hope you have been helpful my guide on Instagram, I will be updating to help more. If you have questions, you can leave me a comment and I’ll be happy to talk.  Thanks Carlos, for talks on the subject, you can see the post super prepared by the well.


Want to learn how to succeed in Instagram?

In the coming days I will be updating the module 21 on Instagram course can help to teach you all the tricks of advertising on Instagram. Buyer of the course today you can access these fresh content in the coming days.

What does a lawyer accounting law do?


A professional accountant who is dedicated to the accounting department is focusing on the situation of businesses and legal implications involved. If they are responsible for regulating the activity of entrepreneurs and their results in the monetary area. An accountant lawyer is ordering the accounting technique and the book keeping such as bookkeeper brisbane.

This type of lawyer is the one who ensures compliance with an economic function and social, as well as producing a particular result desired by the owners of the company where he works. The legal instrument used for purposes such as internal and external appearance, where the interests of third parties, such as being an audit . Specifically, we could mention the self-interest of the employer, by their need to know the progress of the company, also be able to have an economic vision and results. Besides the interest of creditors and third parties, because accounting allows to construct evidence and be trading foreign capital administration, allows the employer does not assume unlimited risk.

His specific areas

Strictly speaking, the professionals in this area are in charge of the design and implementation of internal control systems and to measure its effectiveness in the corporate environment, the preparation and review of individual financial information, analyze and propose alternatives in combinations business, accounting prepares opinions and relationship with external auditors and also represents clients in administrative agencies and their external advisors and management committees, in addition to exercising the role of consultants in the implementation of resolutions. Finally they perform valuation of assets and activities of the elements of the annual accounts.

In conclusion, a lawyer accounting law is of great importance within companies, as is responsible for the economic area that all work perfectly, which is the engine of an organization.

Water damage from upstairs neighbor

Because of a leak on the top floor, furniture and computer equipment insured with ARAG severely damaged.

ARAG firstly called water damage restoration orange county and then contacted the owner of the flat liable for damages, providing evidence and bills repair whatever damage. Finally the neighbor was responsible for repairing the damage to the insured and paid € 1,000.84. Likewise also he proceeded to fix the fault causing the damage.

A case of damage is not always easy to know whom we must call, so it’s important to have the advice of experienced professionals as ARAG provides its policyholders.

How do promotions for pregnant women

Pregnant women need a range of products to care for themselves and their growing babies. Whether your product has been designed especially for a pregnant woman or something that appeals to her as one of the multiple recipients, use marketing strategies such as Obstetrician NYC that appeal to pregnant women and people who care for them.

Use beautiful images

Women like to feel beautiful, even when they are pregnant. Anything you do look beautiful a pregnant woman will attract the attention of a potential buyer. For example, maternity wear, shows styles that are cute and presume the belly of a woman instead of trying to hide it with wide cuts, unflattering. Training DVDs sold targeting pregnant women with images that are in good shape, even during pregnancy. This encourages a woman to test the products to feel feminine and beautiful during pregnancy.

Sell comfort

In pregnancy there is an accumulation of fluid in the body of a woman and often feel pain in the feet, back and general fatigue throughout pregnancy. Use words and images when you’re promoting a product that convince a woman that your product will give you physical relief you need. Testimonials from satisfied customers make a pregnant woman to buy a body pillow especially for sleep or a hot foot massage when you get home from work. Also, use images of pregnant women who are relaxed while using the products.

Use the maternal instinct

During pregnancy, women develop a maternal instinct and feel the need to put everything in order for the baby’s arrival. They want to clean the house, fix the nursery and buy all sorts of products that the baby may need. Take this instinct and a willingness to spend money to market products for pregnant women. For example, promotes all natural cleaning products as “safe for use during pregnancy” and uses images of the spaces they are ready for a baby to sell products for a child’s room.

Sell them on the spouses

Spouses often feel helpless as they watch their pregnant wives to go through the hassle of carrying a child.They are often willing to pay to help their wives feel better and feel less troublesome during pregnancy. Do promotions for them by placing ads on websites they can visit married men in the age range of 25-40 and appoints some of the results that the product will bring. Words such as “comfort”, “relaxation”, “stress” and “baby development” will drive a man to buy something for his pregnant wife.

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