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"Recording Industry vs. The People"

By Ray Beckerman


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Ray Beckerman is a New York City-based attorney active in representing defendants in the RIAA's lawsuit campaign against consumers. He is a partner with Vandenberg & Feliu, LLP, and a member of the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Most of the litigation documents published here are available to the public online at Internet Law and Regulation, a publication of legal publishers Pike & Fischer.

Recent Blog Posts

Application of the “Anti-Tobacco Law” in the workplace

With the recent approval of Law 42/2010 ( Law Antitabaco ) of 30 December which entered into force took place on  January 2, 2011 , several controversial changes introduced by it, which affect the scope of the workplace .

General and restricted ban on smoking in the workplace

First, in accordance with Article 7 a) of the Act prohibited smoking at public or private workplaces, except in outdoor spaces and head shops onlineWell, the first question that arises is what is meant by “space outdoors “in the context of the workplace, as this concept is only established referred to the field of hospitality, which is defined as ” any space uncovered or any space to be covered is surrounded laterally by a maximum of two walls , walls or walls. ” Consequently the first loophole in the law focuses on determining what is an” open space “in the field of workplace.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, in accordance with Article 7 s) of the Act left openthe possibility that the owner of a workplace smoking ban even in existing outdoor areas .

With the new law banning smoking in the workplace is full and restricted is not possible to ease its implementation by collective agreement.

Obligation to mark in the workplace smoking ban

In addition, the holder of a workplace has a duty to warn the entrance of the smoking ban , having signaled clearly and accurately through posters written in Castilian or in any of the official languages ​​existing in the respective Autonomous Community where the workplace in question is located.

Responsible, offenses and sanctions

On the persons responsible for committing violations, they may be both physical and legal . Generally will be responsible for payment of the fines the person who smoke in places where it is forbidden , except in some cases in which will also be responsible the owner of the establishment where it is produced .

Thus the holder of a workplace would be sanctioned with the following amounts:


Possible measures to be taken by companies

In view of the above, it is recommended, among others, the company adopted a series of measures that, given time, allow test the diligent performance of the company in compliance with the Act , such as:

Vegetable oil as a lawyer: Cosmetic

The lawyer is the fruit of avocado (Persea Gratissima), a tree of the family Lauraceae, native to Mexico and Guatemala. The paste has an oil content of between 5 and 30%. The oil is obtained by mechanical pressure.

Rich in vitamins, avocado oil is of interest to the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries, as well as soap.

Very thin, which penetrates the skin particularly well and is ideal for sensitive skin or small areas.

Softens, moisturizes, strengthens and protects the skin.

It is used in products for body care, face and hair. No rust virtually.


This sera que lift x funciona mesmo oil is ultra rich, is an especially dry natural treasure that contains high amounts of vitamin A, B1, B2, D and E. It also contains amino acids, sterols, lecithin, fatty acids and hair care and dull essentiels.Dans which works great.

Beautifying the hair, it adds shine and strength to cheveux.Réputée to stimulate hair growth

How the brain react the advertisement


And how powerful images to strategies known marketing and advertising, consumers will not only consume the product or brand, before it consumed the entire projected by the semantic mark; a lot of arguments, speeches and imagery that are preplanned for (or at least that is thought to) strengthen the entire thickness of the brand in the markets.Brands are an excellent opportunity to deepen the way how our brains work; we are consumers, but above all we are living beings with a lot of possibilities and mechanisms that provide a variety of strengths but also vulnerable points if we are not fully aware of our reality.

Already discovered in Italy during the nineties as mirror neurons are responsible for our ability to “see” outside activities, those that are performed by our peers in our environment, and going a little further, are these neurons which equally we “connect” with others at a level of “empathy” and that help us better understand how the people around us feel and perceive things, (possibly it is an interesting point about how it could work proposed by Bartra exobrain). But for marketing and advertising, the importance of such a mechanism are interesting as mirror neurons, is its effect on consumer behavior – according to a research of fatorgenius oficial.

For Martin Lindstrom , the guru in marketing and advertising excellence are mirror neurons that make the consumer “feel identification with what brands say and posit their images”, a specific product or brand you see for some commercial, it is through an act of “reflection” are the mirror neurons that motivate a thought like, “I might as well see me in those jeans” is a purely natural act and that comes as part of human evolution and it has become a more complex act given line of business that our society has as a paradigm.

Another factor that probably will gradually given greater scope in the commercial field and marketing , is the “humanizing” a little more rolemodels currently present in brand communications: a clear example is the successful expression position that ” Dove ” has taken a while, where he presents the natural beauty of women (at all levels), regardless of age, skin color, “imperfections” and other “failures” as totally natural part does, beautiful and pleasant women who reflect a great charisma and being transmitted with great power in brand messages, and which a great brand appeal is built, “all women are beautiful and beautiful, all, absolutely all are beautiful.

This is also supported by Martin Lindstrom, who mentions Dove as a brand that relies on the “authenticity of the people” and comments regarding the use of human images closer to reality, “we can identify and connect with them ( compared to ordinary people) more easily. Besides ordinary people seem warmer. It is as if we into someones the world brand ”

This “welcome in the world of the brand” is critical to building brand credibility, sometimes the brands that combine “conviction” true “faith” in their values ​​and bases, are those that are more likely to be a space in the mind of a niche, segment, or an entire category.

Know and have an idea of ​​how connections work within the broad consumer without doubt the knowledge on which to base decisions and positioning strategies, all strategist always looking for a prior knowledge of its resources and means with which account to devote himself to the battlefield, to give their best “movements” of combat.

Guide to creating advertisements on Instagram

Finally it was time to share my impressions about advertising on Instagram. I decided to create a guide with all the steps that you must perform to create ads on Instagram. Many of you will have access and not even know it, this is because it is not so “easy” is a bit hidden. Through this guide I will share how to enable advertising on Instagram, writing ads, some best practices and finally my personal impressions on ad campaigns Instagram.

Guide to create ads in Instagram

1. Set up your accounts to gain access to advertising on Instagram

To place ads on Instagram first thing you need to do is connect your Instagram account to your Facebook fan page. For this step, do the following:

connect your instagram page on facebook

instagram link account ads

2. Make sure you have access to Instagram Ads through the Power Editor

The second and most important step is to verify if you have Instagram advertising on. For this verification performs the following steps:

advertising instagram

click to webiste

instagram location

With these steps, you can check if you have your list has to create ads. If you do not get I recommend several things:

3. How to create ads on Instagram (step by step)

Instagram to create ads you have to use the Power Editor as I showed above. Ad campaigns for Facebook and Instagram in the Power Editor are created as follows:

power instagram editor advertising placement

instagram ads as

Best Practices for results Instagram

Now I would like to share you some tips for your ads on Instagram.


To end with the recommendations, I remind you that the best time for testing, advertising is still very cheap and not all brands are taking advantage of this new advertising method. Dedicate yourself to create different campaigns with different ads to find out what your audience needs and wants in Instagram.

My first impressions of Instagram Ads

To conclude this guide (which I intend to continue to update in the future), I want to share my first impressions.

1. It is very cheap, clicking on website

I tried several campaigns and have been talking to several friends and we all paid as little as 0.01 or 0.02 per click website. This is very cheap compared to other platforms, including Facebook itself.

2. Good Win Instagram Followers.

Although the campaigns are to bring traffic to a website, downloads or get views on videos, you will get a following if your ad is well segmented.

3. Prepare for SPAM

There are many users who will write you who feel invaded, your account is private and you’ve cast. Others will tell you they do not want to see ads. It’s actually a claim to Instagram, but I leave it in your comments and this could affect you if you invest a lot of money or expensive to influence others.

4. The rate of engagement Lovely

People tend to give “like” easier than on Facebook. I guess being such a visual network, it is easier for the user.This I have seen sales campaigns, I guess in promos and branding campaigns will be even better.


I hope you have been helpful my guide on Instagram, I will be updating to help more. If you have questions, you can leave me a comment and I’ll be happy to talk.  Thanks Carlos, for talks on the subject, you can see the post super prepared by the well.


Want to learn how to succeed in Instagram?

In the coming days I will be updating the module 21 on Instagram course can help to teach you all the tricks of advertising on Instagram. Buyer of the course today you can access these fresh content in the coming days.

What does a lawyer accounting law do?


A professional accountant who is dedicated to the accounting department is focusing on the situation of businesses and legal implications involved. If they are responsible for regulating the activity of entrepreneurs and their results in the monetary area. An accountant lawyer is ordering the accounting technique and the book keeping such as bookkeeper brisbane.

This type of lawyer is the one who ensures compliance with an economic function and social, as well as producing a particular result desired by the owners of the company where he works. The legal instrument used for purposes such as internal and external appearance, where the interests of third parties, such as being an audit . Specifically, we could mention the self-interest of the employer, by their need to know the progress of the company, also be able to have an economic vision and results. Besides the interest of creditors and third parties, because accounting allows to construct evidence and be trading foreign capital administration, allows the employer does not assume unlimited risk.

His specific areas

Strictly speaking, the professionals in this area are in charge of the design and implementation of internal control systems and to measure its effectiveness in the corporate environment, the preparation and review of individual financial information, analyze and propose alternatives in combinations business, accounting prepares opinions and relationship with external auditors and also represents clients in administrative agencies and their external advisors and management committees, in addition to exercising the role of consultants in the implementation of resolutions. Finally they perform valuation of assets and activities of the elements of the annual accounts.

In conclusion, a lawyer accounting law is of great importance within companies, as is responsible for the economic area that all work perfectly, which is the engine of an organization.

Water damage from upstairs neighbor

Because of a leak on the top floor, furniture and computer equipment insured with ARAG severely damaged.

ARAG firstly called water damage restoration orange county and then contacted the owner of the flat liable for damages, providing evidence and bills repair whatever damage. Finally the neighbor was responsible for repairing the damage to the insured and paid € 1,000.84. Likewise also he proceeded to fix the fault causing the damage.

A case of damage is not always easy to know whom we must call, so it’s important to have the advice of experienced professionals as ARAG provides its policyholders.

How do promotions for pregnant women

Pregnant women need a range of products to care for themselves and their growing babies. Whether your product has been designed especially for a pregnant woman or something that appeals to her as one of the multiple recipients, use marketing strategies such as Ob nyc that appeal to pregnant women and people who care for them.

Use beautiful images

Women like to feel beautiful, even when they are pregnant. Anything you do look beautiful a pregnant woman will attract the attention of a potential buyer. For example, maternity wear, shows styles that are cute and presume the belly of a woman instead of trying to hide it with wide cuts, unflattering. Training DVDs sold targeting pregnant women with images that are in good shape, even during pregnancy. This encourages a woman to test the products to feel feminine and beautiful during pregnancy.

Sell ​​comfort

In pregnancy there is an accumulation of fluid in the body of a woman and often feel pain in the feet, back and general fatigue throughout pregnancy. Use words and images when you’re promoting a product that convince a woman that your product will give you physical relief you need. Testimonials from satisfied customers make a pregnant woman to buy a body pillow especially for sleep or a hot foot massage when you get home from work. Also, use images of pregnant women who are relaxed while using the products.

Use the maternal instinct

During pregnancy, women develop a maternal instinct and feel the need to put everything in order for the baby’s arrival. They want to clean the house, fix the nursery and buy all sorts of products that the baby may need. Take this instinct and a willingness to spend money to market products for pregnant women. For example, promotes all natural cleaning products as “safe for use during pregnancy” and uses images of the spaces they are ready for a baby to sell products for a child’s room.

Sell ​​them on the spouses

Spouses often feel helpless as they watch their pregnant wives to go through the hassle of carrying a child.They are often willing to pay to help their wives feel better and feel less troublesome during pregnancy. Do promotions for them by placing ads on websites they can visit married men in the age range of 25-40 and appoints some of the results that the product will bring. Words such as “comfort”, “relaxation”, “stress” and “baby development” will drive a man to buy something for his pregnant wife.

11 films that every advertiser should see

Last Monday while I was training, I was thinking about film have been based on advertising or could be a source of inspiration for those who are dedicated to this or would simply like communication. To my surprise, during my time I enjoyed the exercise, extracted more titles than with the naked eye I could have imagined, so I decided to make a post about 11 films for advertisers with a consult of putlocker TV. In addition, since we are in summer and the middle of August, there is always time to see a good movie.

Among the 11 films it is for everyone, and as is normal in the film, there will be some you like, some do not and that give insurance you (and possibly), sorry if you are not, but all is impossible them . The theme is very different from sports marketing, public relations, communication for large companies, different strategies somewhat cloudy or the importance of the influence of public opinion. I leave you with my 11 selected, and I also recommend you to watch these movies at project free tv for best quality.

The social network

The social network

The film directed by David Fincher and starring Jesse Eisenberg , tells the adventures of a still more young Mark Zuckerberg on the campus of Harvard at the time it begins to develop an idea that today the whole world will know as Facebook. A good deal for those who want to start or translate their ideas into reality.




It starring the evergreen Brad Pitt , it is embodied in the role of Billy Beane , general manager of the Oakland Athletics, where against all odds got great success with a different method when selecting players for your baseball team with a infinitely less elevated than its competitors budget. This can teach us that great ideas are lasting and not repeat to repeat.

The Joneses

The Joneses

Our aim is to sell, a claim that Toni Segarra and any publicist say.Although there are methods and methods, the Jones family has a peculiar method, pretend you are right to influence their neighbors. But suffice it to say that this method is not that it is very unethical.

Jerry Maguire

Jerry Maguire

Sports marketing everywhere.  Tom Cruise plays a successful representative of athletes, until one day makes a manifest Rub the importance of people in front of the money, at this point you are fired and when you start your adventure. In addition to sports marketing, we can learn the importance of communication in providing relevant content that is relevant to the consumer.

The Truman Show

The Truman Show

What if one day you realize that your whole life is a lie ?, what your life is nothing more than an entertainment product for the general public? What your friends, parents … are actors? Live life Truman Burbank, played by Jim Carrey , is the philosopher’s stone that turns the plot of this film. Or how creativity can be present in all fields and perform incredible actions.

What Women Want

What Women Want

One day you wake up and you can hear what women think at all times. It is is the “dilemma” that faces Mel Gibson , in his role as Nick Mashall, a self-centered publicist who will be threatened by Darcy Maguire, played by Helen Hunt . A good dose of power to choose a good insight.

The corporation

The Corporation

It is a documentary that from a very critical eye, says the growth and maturity of a large corporation. The documentary interviews to Nike, Coca-Cola, IBM … How to create your “dream” as from the point of view, the word profit can be understood in many ways are some of the conclusions drawn.

Wag the Dog

Wag the Dog

Sensational shows how it influences public opinion in communicating or how not to do things in any field. After possible scandal surrounding US President for a mess of skirts, it decides by one of his advisers ( Robert de Niro ), hire a film producer ( Dustin Hoffman ) to invent a war with Albania and look like a hero to end the conflict.

The dilemma

The dilemma

A television producer Lowell Bergman ( Al Pacino ) on her show to Jeffrey Wigand ( Russell Crowe ), a scientist and manager of a famous American Tobacco, to reveal to the public the addictive substances in smokers. The whole film is a learning experience for the world of communication.

Thank You for Smoking

Thank You for Smoking

A film to soak up how lobbyists groups work and how to make a campaign of public relations. Embodied in the role of Nick Naylor, actor Aaron Eckhart melts into the skin of the press officer of a large company of snuff.

The Ides of March

the Ides of March

Starring Ryan Gosling and George Clooney , who also put on the skin of Director has the intricate ins and outs of the launch of an election campaign and the lengths to which you can reach for success. Political Marketing in true American style.

20 films about advertising that every lover of the sector should see


The field of advertising, marketing and public relations comprises a single labor, creative and economic ecosystem. The job of a publicist is not lost a “marketer” can be worshiped and reviled, sometimes is considered an artist but others despised as a seller of deception.

The film imagery has been used many times this universe to acclimate his films, showing a particular view of what the advertising agencies do their work and how the creative , account executives, copywriters, etc.

And in summer the days are longer and time seems to treat themselves, so that we have made ​​a collection of twenty films in the world of advertising and shown public relations.

When you get tired of soaking in the pool or bask on the sand, these twenty films of all times and styles are waiting for you on putlocker movies to help a broader view of the world of created advertising :

1. Thank You for Smoking , 2005: satirically narrates the history of a tobacco company spokesman called Nick Naylor, who is in charge of lobbying against the scientific studies linking the consumption of snuff with lung cancer.

2. The family Jones , 2009: a seemingly perfect family is actually an experiment sales.

3. 13.99 euros , 2007: Creative sick of having to submit their ideas to mediocre marketing managers, decide to do everything possible to bring about his dismissal.

4. Kramer vs. Kramer , 1979: an advertising executive is abandoned by his wife and must learn to reconcile their employment with the absorbent care of your child.

5. What Women Want , 2000: an egocentric publicist has an accident, after which you can hear what women think.

6. Jerry Maguire , 1996 : Jerry Maguire is one of the most competent employees from a prestigious agency dedicated to the promotion of sports. Your life goes smoothly until he realizes that people are more important than money. That day is fired and abandoned by his friends.

7. Lover Come Back , 1961: Jerry Webster and Carol Templeton are engaged in advertising, but work for different agencies. Upset about the methods employed by Jerry (alcohol and women) to get contracts, Carol tries to drive them out of the profession.


8. Crazy People 1990: A sick creative advertising lie creates his own agency where the motto is to always tell the truth about the products promoted.

9. Lost in America 1985: a publicist quits his job to tour the United States in a very special trip.

10. Will Success Spoil Rock , 1957: An advertiser about to lose a major account tries to convince a beautiful woman to promote your products.


Advertising and fashion photography

The advertising and fashion are not just business, but are social phenomena that manifest themselves through the image, so the photographer relevance in these areas is paramount and few photographic disciplines have so much creative influence and weight in film, art and culture in general, as advertising fashion photographer boston, while feed them all.

But advertising and fashion brands do not make products but are the sum of a set of ideas and values, and the photographer’s main function should be to create worlds through images to convey those ideas or illusions service brands. Beyond the necessary perfection to photograph a model, a product or a character for an advertising campaign, a magazine or fashion editorial technique, a successful photographer in the field of advertising and fashion it depends on its ability to create a universe that is able to convey the illusion of a unique way to attract and seduce the consumer.

It is therefore essential that the photographer can act as art director, creative director and even to become professional in that the essential purpose of creating value. It is not enough to possess the necessary expertise to develop this work with professional rigor in all possible fields, it is also necessary to have the creative ability to work with other media professionals in a highly competitive environment.


This master is designed as a specialization for photographers who want to push the boundaries of their creative abilities in the field of professional photography and fashion advertising. To do the necessary to solve assignments and development of aesthetic and conceptual approach is encouraged through the development of skills and knowledge shownbriefings that require not only knowledge of photography, but also high doses of creativity, art direction, management models / characters, photographic production and communication.

Participants become familiar with camera equipment, digital capture and flash backs, and be able to implement specific lighting techniques in the development of still lifes product or lookbooks , and for the production of editorial and advertising campaigns study and external models or actors, in addition to raising castings , direct acting and work as a team with other creatives.

At the end of the Master, the student will know the different types, styles and trends in the field of advertising and fashion photography with a professional vision to enter the market, while a style develops. In addition, each student will have completed at the end of a program book staff, supervised by the Pedagogical Director to present their work in a professional environment.

Addressed to

Graduates and graduates with experience in photography by creditable academic curriculum and / or portfolio . Otherwise, it is necessary to take the Degree / course of Photography .

Access and Degree

Access university degree (bachelor or graduate degree) and internal selection process. own master’s degree awarded by the Universitat Abat Oliva CEU is obtained.

Curricular Itinerary

This master’s degree is the result of combining the academic curricula of the graduate of Advertising Photography and Art Direction and Photography in Fashion and Creative Management .

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